My Web People was  founded by a couple of guys who (while in the print advertising industry) saw the fundamental shift in the way that businesses communicated with their clients and prospects, through the use of Social Media. The other notable was that media companies were presenting their clients with contracts ranging in price from $500 – $3500 per month to maintain their social media accounts.

The two set out to start a company to provide businesses with entry level social media services at an affordable rate, so that all businesses can afford their social proof.  And, for the first two years they did just that. After experiencing rapid growth, they expanded their services, and re-launched under a new brand… My Web People.

They rolled out some additional ROI (Return on Investment) type product offerings, and have evolved into a full-service digital marketing agency.

All that being said, welcome to My Web People.

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 Posted on : May 3, 2014