Be Visible On Social Media

Social media marketing, along with other on-line marketing techniques, offers the best ROI (return on investment) in marketing today. It’s inexpensive and much more effective than traditional, out-dated offline advertising methods like telephone book ads, newspaper, tv, radio, magazines, etc.

Social Media Has Become A ‘Must Do’ For Most Businesses Today

Your valued customers are asking – in some cases, demanding! – for social media interaction with you and your business. The sooner you take action, the sooner your business will reap the many benefits social media marketing has to offer.

7 Reasons To ‘Do’ Social Media

1. Showcase your brand
2. Develop a loyal community
3. Improve customer service
4. Increase digital exposure
5. Boost traffic in Search Engine rating
6. Expand sales & reach new audiences
7. Cut marketing costs

What Level Of Social Media Management Services Is Right For Your Business?

Whatever level of social media management your business requires, we can handle it for you. From simply setting up one or more accounts for you, to full-time management of all your social media. From posting a few times a week on one platform, to posting a couple times a day on all of the top platforms. From running an occasional campaign, to scheduling a full year of monthly campaigns. From boosting an occasional post on Facebook, to running paid advertising on one or more of the platforms that offer it. From setting up basic automated Messenger messages on your Facebook page, to installing, configuring and managing Messenger bot campaigns.

Some of those services may sound like Greek to you right now, but we can fix that in a short discovery meeting with you. Click the ‘Get Started’ button above, to schedule a meeting with one of our talented team members!

Or, browse the services descriptions and pricing below, and make your purchase to get started today!

Our Social Media Services – Descriptions and Pricing

Have you ever been told that, if your business is not on Facebook, you don’t exist? That’s because your customers may already follow other brands on social media, and chances are high they’re already ‘friends’ with your competitors. So, creating and/or optimizing, and maintaining a presence on Facebook is crucial. We can help with that.

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You have the time and skill to manage your own social media properties, but just need help setting up and/or optimizing the accounts? We can handle that for you. We work with the top six social platforms: Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. The latter is not a fit for every business, so it is offered as an addon service.

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If you’re not active on social media, no one can get to know your business. How can they? In the age when businesses speak directly to their audience through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest… if you’re not active on social media, you’re missing out!

We offer two levels of activity with our social media management packages: 12 posts per month and 30 posts per month. The content for your posts is provided for you by one of our social media managers. S/he will research the Internet for industry-relevant articles, videos, pictures, etc. That content is sent to you for approval before being scheduled for posting on all the properties we will be managing with you. Of course, you can post additional content of your own anytime. In fact, it is very much encouraged!

Select the level of activity that works for your business and your budget:

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A fully-optimized social media page requires certain graphics. All of them need a profile image, which is usually your logo. And, most of them (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn) also need a cover image, which is large and is best used as an Ad for your business.

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Don’t need a full set of graphics? You can select the one(s) you need from our A La Carte menu below:

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Social Media Marketing Is A Very Powerful Way For A Business To Reach More Customers And Prospects

Don’t Wait… Get Started Today.

If you’re looking for a fast way to market your business, Social Media is it! It’s the place to be, if you’re looking to reach your target customers.

Generic marketing strategies don’t really ‘speak’ to the customer. However, you can truly connect with your followers on social media, and build meaningful relationships with your existing customers, as well as potential customers.