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If you use the following 18 tips to become a master in the art of seduction, your readers will be hanging on your every word.

They won’t want more of your writing; they’ll beg for it.


1. Be a Great Conversationalist

You know the feeling you get when you talk with your best friend?

He listens to you. He asks you questions. You’re laughing together.

Well, you can create that same feeling as a blogger.

To truly engage your readers, you need to start a conversation with them too.

How? It’s simple – use the word you and ask questions in your post.

Have you noticed that this is already the second question I’m asking you? That’s how I try to engage you.

By asking simple questions – such as Who is your romantic hero? – you make your readers pause briefly, pay attention, and look for your answer next. And when they quietly nod yes to a question you’re asking, they’re more likely to read on.

As soon as you start writing conversationally, you’ll notice your blog comments increasing. That’s because readers feel you’re inviting them for a cup of tea and a chat. Leaving a comment becomes a natural part of that friendly conversation.

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 Posted on : August 5, 2014

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