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Time is money. And finding good content takes time. So how do you maximize your productivity by finding great content without spending a lot of time. The good news is there’s a lot of shortcuts!

1. Google News


Google News serves up the latest interesting news about any kind of topic you can think of, so it’s the perfect place to grab shareable content. MarketMeSuite offers a great integration to bring all of these stories at your fingertips when you are composing a message to your social channels. Just type in a keyword or phrase that related to content you want to find and you’ll have a stream of articles right at your fingertips.

2. RSS


Do you blog? Or perhaps you have an e-commerce store. Any time you see the orange symbol pictured above, that means that you can automatically share each post to social. RSS stands for “really simple syndication,” and that’s exactly what you can do. Paste your feed into a social sharing tool and every time something new is posted, it will go out to your social accounts. Pretty easy right?

3. Facebook Trends


Facebook has really been upping their content game recently, and you may have noticed “Trends.” They are suggesting content right there in your Facebook interface which you can easily like or share. Want to find relative content that you can write about and share through your own channels? Facebook Trends is the way to go.

4. Hashtag Search for Retweets


Some of the best content has already been created, and that’s ok. Regularly search Twitter for hashtags related to your industry and even search phrases. You’ll have no shortage of content to be able to retweet to share with your audience. Plus, you get extra karma points with the person who originated the content, since they’ll see that you retweeted it and they are a lot more likely to start retweeting and sharing your content.

5. Repurpose Content (Constant Contact, Images shared, etc.)


I am in the Alton Brown school of thought on “multitasking.” (And for anyone who is confused on that reference, catch up on The Food Network’s ‘Good Eats.’) Alton always says that no unitaskers are welcome in his kitchen, and you should do the same with your content. Nothing should be used for one purpose. I’m sure most of you send out some kind of email newsletter once a week, and you probably upload images into it. This is a perfect example of having 2 ways to use the content beyond just emailing it. The first is in the newsletter itself. You can share that across your social channels to get additional eyeballs. Secondly, you can take each image that you used in your newsletter, and share it in its own right on your social channels. Visual content gets more clicks than text, so you get the added bonus of additional retweets and shares by doing this.

Great Content Can Come From A Variety of Places

Whether you’re using a search function like Google News, syndicating blog articles with an RSS feed, using social channels like Facebook or Twitter to find relevant topics and repurposing content on a daily basis, you’ll be saving time and finding great content to share in the blink of an eye. Take a stab at the different ways mentioned above and start maximizing your productivity so you’ll have time for other elements to focus on in the workplace.


 Posted on : November 20, 2014

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