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The 10 Most Common Beginner SEO Questions (And Answers)


If you’re just getting started, SEO can seem like a dense, confusing world. Google, Bing, and SEO experts have produced thousands of articles on exactly how sites are ranked and what you can do to rank higher in search engines. Some experts end up disagreeing with each other based on conflicting data sets. Every move […]

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How to Champion the Visual Discovery Tool Pinterest


The data visualization and infographics a very handy and comprehensive guide on how to master this social networking service. This visually appealing online destination platform continues to grow and great features have been designed for its mobile applications (iOS and Android). Pinterest by the numbers accounts for the following metrics: 70 million active users […]

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15 Ways to Get More ROI From Social Media This Month

Get More ROI From Social Media

Social media marketing is both a bane and a boon to business owners. If it’s working for your business and driving traffic, you love it. If it’s not bringing in results, you hate it — and feel that you’re wasting your time. So, stop wasting your time: Drive results, with the right tactics and appropriate planning. […]

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The Surprising Reason You Can’t Stop Checking Facebook


Restful sleep and heavy social media use don’t make good bedfellows, according to new research. Do you struggle to resist the siren song of that little red Facebook notification? If so, it could mean that you’re sleep-deprived. A new study from researchers at the University of California, Irvine finds that poor sleep can lead to compulsive Facebook […]

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There’s Now a Better Way to Post GIFs on Twitter

Post GIFs on Twitter

In case you thought tweets were too static for your taste, GIFs are finally here to help. On Wednesday, Twitter finally began to roll out a native button that lets users search and post GIFs, the popular animated images, as part of their tweets. News of the integration surfaced earlier this month after early tests of the […]

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11 Things To Do Now To Keep Your AdWords Healthy In 2016

At the turn of every year, predictions are made about what the top trends for the next year will be. I contributed my own predictions to articles for a couple of companies, and we wrote up a synopsis of all of the most common predictions for our own blog. In this post, I will go a little deeper […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Google’s SEO Guidelines


If you have done much research about search engine optimization, you have probably heard that not following the Google SEO guidelines is a good way to have your site removed from the index or to have it penalized. Therefore, you probably recognize the importance of following these guidelines to the letter. Although there are a […]

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10 SEO Fixes You Can Do Right Now For Better Google Ranking


You’ve just searched in Google for a keyword in your industry and your website didn’t show up. You’ve got some major search engine optimization to do, but you don’t know where to start. How can you get better Google rankings? Are there any quick fixes to improve your SEO fast? To get the best results […]

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