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Internet-Connected Homes Open The Door To Hackers


It’s nighttime in Saudi Arabia, so we can’t see much when Aamir Lakhani hacks into a video stream. But the fact that we can see the video stream at all is startling. Even more surprising, we are viewing it from the conference room of cybersecurity company Fortinet, 8,100 miles away in Sunnyvale, California. Lakhani, a […]

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Tech Trends That Will Make Waves In 2016

From communication to education to transportation, new technologies designed to enhance and reinvent how we live, learn, socialize and do business are constantly emerging and evolving. So what can we expect in the year ahead? We asked some experts for their insights into some of the tech innovations likely to make waves in 2016. Cognitive […]

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Rise Of A Tech Giant: The History Of Instagram

Chart the rise of the phenomenally popular app which sees 80 million photos shared every day Mobile photo and video sharing app Instagram has revolutionised the way we share photos, growing from a small startup in 2010 to a hugely popular service used by over 400 million people worldwide. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched […]

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Tinder Wants You To Donate Your Organs

The NHS has teamed up with Tinder and celebrities including Jamie Laing and Jade Jones to get young people to sign up to the organ donor register Tinder has teamed up with the NHS in a drive to get more people onto the organ donor register. In a UK campaign that will target 18- to […]

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Here’s Why There’s No Dislike Button On Facebook


Like it or not, social media is an integral part of our lives. But sometimes, the etiquette can be a little fuzzy, especially when your only option is to hit that “like” button. How do you properly acknowledge an event like a death in the family? Or share your opinion about a headline without participating in […]

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5 Tips For Designing Your Website To Serve Every Customer Individually


Current research shows that 40 percent of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across channels. Additionally, nearly three in four, or 74 percent, of online consumers get frustrated with websites when the content that’s displayed has nothing to do with their interests. It is clear that a personalized website is an […]

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Facebook Tests “Click For More” To Boost Video Views On Desktop

Facebook says it now gets around 8 billion video views on its platform each day, and the social network has made no secret of its plans to make it an even bigger part of the experience in the future. Now Facebook is testing a new “click for more” feature for desktop users of the service. Currently, clicking not […]

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3 Top Tips For Ultimate, Business Success

Are you forgetting these simple tips? It’s the busy fall season, and your schedule is probably filled with meetings, sales calls, content-strategy sessions, copywriting, and more. With all of this going on, it can be easy to forget the simple, but important, things you need to be successful in the long-term… so as you rush […]

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4 Fantastic Design Ideas For Facebook Pages

Facebook Page management is one of the toughest social media tasks. Keeping up with all the changes in how to post and what type of posts to share can leave you fried for the basic tasks like creating great visual content. If you’ve found that you’re struggling to create great visual content for your Facebook Page, […]

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7 Obsolete Social Media Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On


You already know social media marketing is a channel that can drive traffic and sales, but the question is: are you actually seeing an increase in traffic or sales? Chances are you are not. Why? Because you are using obsolete tactics that aren’t effective anymore. If you want to change that, just avoid these 7 […]

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