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Twitter Plans To Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit

Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit, according to multiple people familiar with the company’s plans. It’s unclear what the product will look like, but sources say it would enable Twitter users to publish long-form content to the service. Users can […]

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Instagram Expands Its Ad Options


Instagram users have already been seeing more advertisements pop up in their feeds of artisanal cocktails, wide-eyed kittens and vacation photos, and now they can expect longer video ads in the mix too. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is adding 30-second video ads and other features in a push to give businesses more ways to tap […]

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How To Build A Periscope Audience For Your Business

Are you marketing on Periscope?  Want to reach more people? You can develop a following on Periscope by promoting your broadcasts, engaging with viewers and repurposing your content on other channels. In this article you’ll discover how to build a Periscope audience for your business. #1: Cross-Promote Broadcasts While content is ultimately king, think about how you can attract […]

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Facebook Pages Become More Mobile-Friendly With New Action Buttons And Sections

MENLO PARK, CALIF. — Facebook says it’s going to help small businesses become more accessible on mobile devices. The social networking company announced today that it’s updating its Pages offering to not only include enhanced call-to-action buttons and improved Page layout, but is also introducing new sections — all geared toward the mobile audience. “Building an […]

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Why Thinking Like A Fish Can Help Your Business

When we are operating a business, we are often told to try and think like the consumer. To ‘walk in their shoes’ or to ‘get inside their head’ and know what they are thinking and feeling. All this is done with the end goal of creating a better experience for the consumer or of providing […]

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Operating on a Shoestring? 20 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business


The prospect of marketing your business can be overwhelming, especially when you are a small business with an even smaller budget. The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Here are 20 ways you can market your small business on a shoestring budget — or even on no budget at all. […]

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Mobile SEO in 2015 — Everything You Need To Know

mwp-seo featured image

Google’s latest focus on mobile-friendly search should really come as no surprise, as every year people spend more and more time glued to their smartphones, tablets, and now their wearable devices. What’s more of a surprise, is that many businesses waited until now to begin optimizing their online practices, content, and websites for the mobile […]

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Facebook Tests a New Tool to Personalize Your News Feed


Last year Facebook debuted a very handy “muting” feature for its News Feed service that allowed users to stop receiving updates from specific people and pages without actually unfriending them. Today, Facebook has quietly begun testing a complimentary News Feed settings function that actively promotes specific content dubbed “See First”. According toTechCrunch, users simply click […]

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9 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Website


In case you missed it, Google’s latest algorithm brought about the so-called “Mobilegeddon,” which punished websites who weren’t mobile-friendly. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but Google did roll out an update on April 21, which punished any website that lacked mobile-friendly pages by decreasing the site’s ranking in mobile search results. This update […]

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