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Have You Tried Video Marketing Yet?


“According to Cisco, by 2019, consumer Internet video traffic will be 80% of all consumer Internet traffic,” says Lana Hindmarch, MD of HolyCow. That is up 64% from 2014. Add to this the fact that it would take one person five million years to watch the amount of video that will cross IP networks each […]

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Facebook Introduces Video App Riff


Facebook users are already used to seeing more videos filling their news feeds. Now the social media tech giant is doubling down on the medium by introducing a video app called Riff. An answer of sorts to Vine and Snapchat, the app allows users to make videos 20 seconds or shorter and post them on […]

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Pinterest is Introducing Verified Accounts for Public Figures

Public figures, celebrities, and brands will soon be able to get their Pinterest accounts verified like they can on Twitter or Facebook, the company announced this morning. From now on, you’ll never have to guess whether you’re following the real celebrity chef Alton Brown or an imposter. The not-famous Martha Stewart’s of the world will no […]

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Anyone Can Now Send You a Direct Message on Twitter


They don’t have to follow you first. Starting this week, Twitter users will now have the option to receive direct messages from any of the other 288 million people who have signed up for the service. Previously, only individuals that followed each other on the social network and microblogging platform were able to exchange private […]

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Social Media Marketing: Guide To Etiquette (Infographic)


What do you think of when you hear the word etiquette? For most people, the term conjures up images of a relative telling them to chew with their mouth closed, or to take their elbows off the table. So what does it mean when it’s applied to social media? In general terms, etiquette is a […]

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Carousel Ads Swing Around For Facebook Mobile App Ads

Last year Facebook launched a carousel format for Facebook ads that helped brands parlay multiple objectives into one ad space. The format allows advertisers to highlight different attributes, benefits or even products in one ad location. Now the carousel will be offered for mobile app ads. The new format will support 5 images and links […]

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Pinterest Reveals Its Buy Button, Lets Pinners Make In-App Purchases


Pinnerst have long been asking for a way to buy clothing, home decor and recipe ingredients directly within the bookmarking app, according to Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silberman. Starting later this month, that feature will be a reality with Pinterest’s new Buyable Pins tool. Pinterest has partnered with a range of large and small retailers, such as […]

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Caitlyn Jenner Smashes Twitter World Record, Reaching A Million Followers

Former Olympian and reality TV star, previously known as Bruce Jenner, takes just four hours to reach one million followers, becoming the fastest ever. Former Olympic decathlon gold-medallist Caitlyn Jenner, previously known as Bruce Jenner, has smashed another world record by becoming the fastest person on Twitter to reach one million followers. Jenner took just […]

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The Fashion Blogger Who Makes $15,000 Per Instagram Post


Read it and weep: there are fashion bloggers who can charge upwards of $15,000 (£9,500) for one Instagram post. Yes, one picture featuring a product they are paid by a brand to promote. The astonishing sum has been revealed by Danielle Bernstein, the US fashion blogger behind the We Wore What personal style-diary website. The 22-year-old explained […]

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