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Google+ Tip #3: Encourage Reviews

Encourage reviews from your customers on Google+. Reviews increase the authority of your Google+ page and increase the likelihood of ranking well in the local search carousel. (Source:

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Pinterest Tip #4: Name Boards Wisely

This one is the most crucial. Make sure when creating pins or boards, that you leverage keyword insights from your search agency/department (or at least look at the volume from the Google keyword tool). All too often, I have seen a missed opportunity by brands naming the board something that has no search volume behind […]

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Pinterest Tip #2: Business Names Do Matter

If you are not a household name brand with massive awareness, make sure you name your business and profile something relevant to your objectives. Don’t name it “Joe Smith Inc” if you want to win on “Boston Interior Decorator.” Instead, name it “Boston Interior Decorator” or “Joe Smith Interiors.” (Source:

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How Social Media Is Like Spaghetti Sauce


Malcolm Gladwell explains the secret to sauce, but what’s that got to do with #socialbiz? I watched this TED talk with Malcolm Gladwell the other day. In it he talks about research that was done by psychophysicist Howard Moscowitz, specifically about some research Moscowitz did on consumer preferences for Pepsi and Prego spaghetti sauce. When […]

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How can Facebook Help Grow Your Email List?


Imagine the direct impact on supporter relations if the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had included a way to capture email. What an amazing moment for the ALS to identify those supporters willing to further share their support, learn more or even get more deeply involved. With hundreds of thousands of people suddenly exposed to their cause, and […]

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The 4 Types of Viral Content: A Study Based on 300 Social Media Accounts


Recently our team at Computan studied 300 social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to identify patterns about what kind of content gets shared the most. Just like some movie genres (eg; summer super hero movies) sell more tickets than others there must be some rhyme or reason as to why some content gets shared […]

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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Social Media Habits


Do you get really pissed whenever you see people post selfies? Or when they air yet another extravagant purchase they made? Is it their fault or is it because of their zodiac sign? The personality and characteristics people exhibit on a daily basis say a lot about their social media game — and so do their horoscopes. You may […]

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