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chrome vs internet explorerGoogle Chrome has edged out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the ongoing battle of the browsers, according to Adobe Digital Report (ADI) data.

The report shows Chrome making up 31.8% of all browser usage on the web, while Internet Explorer holds 30.9% — a small but significant margin. This is the first time ever that Google surpassed Microsoft in terms of browser popularity for overall mobile and desktop software.

But it gets even more interesting in the individual breakdowns of mobile and desktop browsers. While Chrome rules the roost in terms of mobile shares (14.3%), Internet Explorer is still dominating desktops with 13% ahead of Google. The disparity between the two platforms can be largely traced back to both Microsoft’s grip on traditional computers and Google’s consistent interface across multiple mobile devices.

“Internet Explorer leverages its Windows OS dominance to gain share as the default Web browser for the majority of people online,” ADI analyst Tyler White said in a press release. “Today mobile OS is more important, giving Google and Apple a leg up with default status on Android and iOS.”

The third most widely used browser in the U.S. is Mozilla Firefox, which has dipped almost 12% over the past two years due to its virtual absence from the mobile market.

Google did not immediately respond for comment.


 Posted on : August 23, 2014

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