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It’s simple, influence matters. It matters in your job and your private life. In fact, influence is part of every human interaction. Just think of parents influencing their children, political or religious leaders influencing their followers, CEOs influencing employees, sales people influencing customers, friends influencing each other and the list goes on…

Influential people have an edge over others who are not influential because with influence comes the ability to make others listen to what you have to say. Influence gives people the power to change beliefs and drive actions and behaviours in others and this is important in all aspects of life, whether you are a CEO of a global company, a sales rep, a football coach or someone that is simply trying to get friends to do or believe something.

So what makes us influential then? Whether anyone is seen as influential or not depends on a number of factors including:

  • Do we trust and like the person?
  • Is the person authoritative and respected?
  • Will being influenced by the person help us be more successful?
  • Etc.

The 10,000 Dollar question now is: How do we know whether we have this influential power or not? It’s tricky because it is not always the charismatic and extroverted leaders that are the biggest influencers. Wouldn’t it be great if we could measure how influential we actually are and maybe compare scores to see who is more or less influential in your company, among your friends or in your industry? The good news is that you can.

One way to measure and quantify your influence is by tracking your influence in social media. We all know that the way we interact with friends, customers or employees is rapidly changing. We use tools such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to share opinions and ideas, we ‘like’ people’s posts, re-tweet status up-dates and recommend or endorse others on LinkedIn. The beauty with social media is that we can use all of this to calculate how influential someone is.

You might think that’s not for me. Why should I care about my online influence? The reason why it matters is that companies are now using social media influence scores to recruit, promote or performance manage employees. Other companies use social media influence scores to put customers into certain categories that might mean you get preferential treatment or perks if you are particularly influential.

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 Posted on : October 23, 2014

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