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The data visualization and infographics a very handy and comprehensive guide on how to master this social networking service.

This visually appealing online destination platform continues to grow and great features have been designed for its mobile applications (iOS and Android).

Pinterest by the numbers accounts for the following metrics:

  • 70 million active users
  • 80 percent of users are women and 20 percent are male
  • Currently Pinterest has 500,000 active business accounts
  • People share on Pinterest three times more on mobile than on desktop

Since social media is one of the driving forces for all of this online activity, social commerce is especially crucial for business and retailers. Over time as consumers get exposed to these new purchasing process mechanisms on social networks the more a streamline the systems will be.

As more and more research and analysis is focused on Pinterest, it will help enhance and improve the sites features. Billions in dollars are generated from purchases conducted on social media and the number will continue to skyrocket.

Facebook may have the largest crowd, but its conversion rate is not as effective as Pinterest. The infographic also showed the content has a longer lifespan on Pinterest and on average a user spends 14.2 minutes per visit.

Pinterest was built on the basic premise, which is a picture in a nutshell. However, on its rise to stardom it did come under scrutiny and controversy over copyright infringement violations. Since that time the company has addressed and adjusted the issue by identifying through Pins the original source of the content.

Referral traffic has been sort of the sweet spot for Pinterest. The social media company generates more referral traffic than YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn all combined, according to the visual graphic.

Getting setup and started on Pinterest

For those of us who have used Pinterest for a few years now have to remember the site operated as in invitation-only open beta. Now, the focus is very much evolved and gravitated to a more business focus.

The usual and formal process to join Pinterest includes: choosing your business type, linking and verifying your website, including location and uploading a profile picture. Transparency is vital so add as much information and company history to build a solid online reputation.

Any way you look at it investing on a Pinterest-friendly website is a wise move. In addition, if you are a retailer with an existing e-commerce website migrating just the core elements of your products and services will be essentially all you need. Afterwards, remember to pitch successful leads generated, which will serve as proof that your brand is a social commerce-friendly business.

Pinterest may keep track of the number of followers but you are forced to strive for quality and authentic engagement. Success does not happen overnight. With a profound respect for the golden rules of social network marketing users will come to join the conversation where you are.

Even if you are not into sharing inspirational quotes, discuss fitness goals or care about food-related conversations well you have no choice. That sort of dialogue drives up traffic, so find a middle ground to play between these categories and unleash some creativity.

Final thoughts on Pinterest

If you have already an account with Twitter and Facebook, this site you cannot pass up. You will have to create a routine on building well the brand and attracting users.

To track progress you can use Google Analytics and also check your top-performing Pins with Tailwindapp.

Earlier this week, a report on Mashable announced the company made available a new analytics tool. This means more than just providing businesses with data intelligence, so the big picture is the long term goal.

Setup the website, create the account, populate information, created Boards and upload relevant Pins. Take the necessary time to familiarize yourself with Pinterest and pick strategies from successful users that fit your company’s brand.


 Posted on : March 10, 2016
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