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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Feb 26, 2015 – Google announced that, as of April 21st, they will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide, and will have a significant impact in Google’s search results. (Here’s a link to their official announcement:

For your business, this means you need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly or you are in danger of losing up to 50% of your website traffic!

With the smartphone market now comprising 75.8% (@comScore) of the total mobile subscriber population, marketers cannot afford to ignore mobile-friendly websites.

Google is already letting mobile searchers know which sites are mobile-friendly by displaying the words ‘Mobile-Friendly’ on the search results listing of the websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Only searches conducted on a smartphone or tablet will display the grey label.

Mobile-Friendly Label Example

The ‘Mobile-Friendly’ label will show up when the GoogleBot finds the following issues on your website:

 Avoids software that is not conducive to mobile devices like Flash
Uses text that is legible without the need to zoom in
 Fits content to the particular screen size to avoid scrolling vertically and horizontally
Places links at a large enough width away from each other so they can be easily clicked on

If your site is already mobile-friendly – or you make it so real quick-like! – you will have an advantage over those that are not yet optimized for mobile.

Users are increasingly looking for ways to make their mobile searches easier and more user-friendly. Besides this, there are many more advantages to having a mobile responsive website.


Test Your Website Now!

You may believe your site is already mobile-friendly, but Google may see otherwise. If your site lacks any of the above-listed criteria Google is using to determine mobile-friendliness, you’ll need to address that.

You can easily test your site, yourself, with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. Click the link below to access the tool:

Simply type in your website address, and click the blue ANALYZE button.


Did Your Site Pass?

If your website passed Google’s test… Congratulations! Your site will enjoy normal ranking in mobile searches, and your listing will contain the grey ‘Mobile-Friendly’ label within it. But, what about other business owners you know? Tell them about Google’s test. Then, if their sites fail… we’d love it if you would tell them about us. 


Did Your Site Fail?

If your website failed Google’s test, you will need to get site mobile-friendly…. Quickly! The Google update goes into effect on April 21st.

There are three ways we can help you make your static site mobile-friendly in Google’s ‘eyes’:

We can rebuild your website, making it mobile-responsive, meaning it will look good on ANY mobile device, and pass Google’s test with flying colours.

We can build a separate mobile website, which searchers will be directed to when accessing your site on a mobile device. A redirect code is installed on your main site, which detects the type of device trying to access the site, and redirects mobile users to the separate mobile website, which is usually installed on a sub-domain on your hosting account. i.e.

We can build a single, mobile-friendly landing page, which contains just enough information that mobile searchers need, in order to find out what you offer and how to contact you.


We’re Ready To Help!

We’d love to talk to you about turning your static website into a responsive website. Call or text us at: 778-214-0877 or call toll free: 1-866-417-0035, or send us an email by using the form on our Contact page.

 Posted on : March 17, 2015
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