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By ‘Digital Advertising‘, we are referring to the paid advertising options on the Internet, which includes Pay-Per-Click ads and Pay-Per-Call ads. In essence, it’s where marketers pay for space on websites, where they can display their promotional messages.

Examples are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Running digital advertising campaigns is a complicated endeavour, which is why local businesses are highly encouraged to hire experts, if they want to avoid losing their hard-earned profits due to ‘doing it wrong’. It’s very easy to lose a lot of money, fast, if you don’t know how PPC and PPCall work.

Our Digital Advertising team has the knowledge, and more importantly, the experience, to ‘do it right’. They know what it takes to maximize your return on investment.

Retargeting & Real-Time Bidding

What is Retargeting?
With retargeting you only target users that have visited your website, and already had an experience with your brand. If they leave your site without taking the desired action, you can show them ads, as they surf around the Interent, with the intent of getting them to come back and take the desired action (contact you or buy).

How Is It Tracked?
By placing, what’s called a retargeting pixel on your website… a special ‘cookie’ is placed on visitor’s browsers. When that visitor visits another website that offers banner, it checks to see if that cookie is present, and shows your ad, if it is there.

What Is Real-Time Bidding?
It’s a form of online purchases of ads between computer systems, based on demographics, location and other crieteria…. basically, automated ad space buying.

You pick the demographics and criteria for your ads, then the system goes out to find the ad networks that match your criteria, and buys everything within the budget you allocated.

Your ads are displayed on those networks, and then retargeting pixels continue to display your ads in front of people that click on them.

Everything Your Business Needs For Profitable PPC & PPCall

You don’t need to worry about a thing. We take care of everything.

We know all about best practices in paid Internet advertising, and we follow them. We also test them, continually, to make sure that if we say something is best for your account, we have the data to prove it.

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