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Local search engine optimization (SEO), is simply a form of advertising that is done online, by local businesses. And, it’s an extremely targeted form of advertising because the business owner is actually advertising directly to the customer.

It’s this way that local SEO is so unlike television commercials, print ads, and brochures. While these methods may fall upon the ears / eyes of hundreds or even thousands, and only get the business one or two new customers, local SEO isn’t blanket advertising. Business owners don’t just have to put it out there and hope for the best.

By its very nature, local SEO automatically targets a specific audience. And, it’s even cheaper than all of those traditional forms of advertising put together.

95% Of Smartphone Users Perform Local Searches

A Forbes study showed that 95% of smartphone users have used their device to perform local searches, out of which 61% called the business, and 59% visited the business.

Those stats confirm that leads from location-based searches are a major avenue for potential customers. And, those numbers will continue to grow.

Considering those leads are from potential customers, who are searching specifically for products or services that your business offers, it is safe to assume that they are qualified leads, which will have a higher conversion rate, as well.

5 Benefits of Local SEO

1. Automatically targets a specific audience
2. Cheaper than traditional forms of advertising
3.Trackable results
4. Increases website traffic
5. Converts searches to purchases

It All Starts With Your Website – But Involves Much More

It starts with a website that is optimized for the search engines, so that when customers hop online looking for a business in their area – something more and more customers are doing – they find the websites of businesses that have what they need. But, they’ll only find those businesses that have taken the time to optimize their online content for local SEO.

And, ‘online content’ isn’t just the content on your website. It’s all the content you put out there, on the web! Whether on social media, blogs, directory listings, citations, video-sharing sites, image-sharing sites, etc.

We employ 18 Best Practices for Local SEO, to be sure you get the maximum return on investment.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Services – Descriptions and Pricing

You can choose from two levels of Local SEO services.
Which one you select depends on the level of competition for your main keywords. One package is for businesses with Low to Medium competition, and the other is for businesses with High competition.

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HIgher Search Engine Rankings Mean A Bigger Piece Of The Pie!

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