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How does the Social Activity Service work?

In simple terms we will post up to 3 times per week (providing you have approved enough content) on 5 of the top social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. thereby keeping your social media properties alive with content.

Of course, social media marketing involves a lot more than just posting stuff. There’s skill required to post the ‘right stuff’… to keep the accounts clear of spam and other undesirables… to create and grow a community around your business, which will, in turn, build your business around you.

Our Social Activity Service is designed to assist you in developing and managing an effective social presence online. Whether you have already started experimenting with social media, and have a few accounts set up, or you are ready to get started, we have the services to suit you.

As a business owner, you are undoubtedly aware of the buzz around the huge marketing opportunity that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer. But, like so many business owners, you either don’t know how to break into social media marketing, or you don’t have time to learn how to do it effectively, and you certainly don’t have time to manage it!

You are busy enough running your business without trying to find time to research for things like posting status updates, photos, interesting quotes, or whatever, on Facebook!


Overview of the Social Activity Service

We work with five of the top social media websites:

facebook Facebook (Fan Page / Business Page)

twitter Twitter

google plus Google+ (Business Page)

pinterest Pinterest (Business Page)

youtube YouTube (Business Channel)


While we are setting up all the elements of your new social media marketing strategy, we will help you develop your social media marketing plan.


The Details…

Here is a detailed list of what our Social Activity Service includes:

  • A ‘Client Services Manager’ (CSM) assigned to you, who will assist you in developing and managing business-boosting campaigns using your social media properties.
  • A Social Media Manager assigned to you, who will assist you in collecting, crafting and posting engaging, community-building content for your social media properties; i.e. news items, images, videos, articles, etc.
  • A one-hour consultation with your ‘Client Services Manager’ during which we will learn more about you and your company, and your objectives, as well as provide a ‘social media orientation’, the purpose of which is to expand your understanding of what social media is, how it works, how to use it properly for business, and how it can help you with your objectives.
  • A worksheet to plan out your social media marketing strategy. (Your CSM can help you with this)
  • A graphical flow chart, depicting the processes involved in setting up your social media marketing
  • Opening and setting up the accounts, or if accounts already exist, testing all logins.
  • Optimizing the accounts for the search engines.
  • Ensuring the accounts have a professional look and feel (you will need to provide us with your logo and other images, or we can have our graphics department create these for you, for a small additional fee).
  • Using a contact list that you provide, to locate and invite people to connect with you on your six social media accounts and/or instruct you on how to do this yourself.
  • Special Reports on how to use the six top social media sites for business.
  • An email subscription to our weekly social media tips.
  • Two sets of social media logos for use on your print and web marketing.
  • Collecting for you, industry-relevant content to use for status updates on your properties, which we then submit to you for approval, then schedule it to be posted at certain peak times of day, over a period of time.
  • Providing a private page on our website where we can keep in touch with each other (we call it your TouchBase Page), where you can send us messages and content you want us to post for you, including photos and images, and where we will post regular updates on the work we’re doing on your social media accounts. You will receive automatic email notifications when we post updates.
  • Regular reports posted in your TouchBase page on the management activities we perform for you.


Next, let’s take a look at the two set-up options, and monthly management packages, from which you can choose.




‘My Social Activity’ Set-up Service

  • Whether you already have some social media set-up or if you’re brand new to social media marketing, our Social Presence Set-up Service is essential.
  • Our admin team will create files for managing your projects, for tracking the work we do for you, and for reporting our progress to you on a regular basis.
  • We will set up new accounts for you with all of the five social media websites listed above. Then, we will proceed with the rest of the set-up tasks.
  • Send you your social media management worksheetcheck list and flow chart
  • Set up a TouchBase page on our website for you.
  • Set up in-house ‘new client’ files.
  • Assign one of our Client Service Managers to you, and one of our Social Media Managers, each of whom will add your account to their services rotation schedule, and to our reporting systems.
  • Create a Master Login File, which will contain all the usernames and passwords, including the one for your new TouchBase page, and provide you with a copy for your files, and for your use (we encourage you to post status updates yourself, in addition to what we’re posting, to a maximum of 3 posts per day).
  • Evaluate each account to see what, if anything, is required to optimize it for the search engines, and ensure it has a professional look and feel. Then, based on our evaluation, do whatever work is needed to optimize each account, and ensure it has a professional look and feel. You may need to provide a logo and an image: i.e. logo, portraits, covers images, etc, which we will optimize as needed to fit each profile. If you don’t have them, we can have our graphics department create them for you (other than portraits, which you will need to provide), for a small additional fee. You will have final approval on everything, before it gets posted.
  • Add your email address to the schedule for the seven Special Reports on how to use social media for business.
  • Set up your email subscription to the weekly social media tips.
  • Schedule and prepare for your one-hour phone consultation and social media orientation.


Then, it’s on to the Management Phase…

Just setting up and optimizing accounts isn’t enough for an effective on-line social presence for your business. There are maintenance, management and marketing activities that require on-going, skilled attention.

Don’t worry! We won’t leave you hangin’!

This is where our Social Activity Management Packages come in… Monthly Social Media Maintenance (Basic Activity) Services.


The ‘My Social Activity’ Package 

… an Affordable Monthly Program – (This is a 12 month program that automatically renews annually)

Payments start 14 days after sign-up. We wouldn’t want to be charging you for something we cant yet provide, and 14 days give us the time we need to prepare.

This Service Includes:

  • Gathering industry-relevant content for posting on your social media properties, to be customized and sent to you for approval before posting.
  • Creating original engaging content for posting on your social media properties, to be sent to you for approval before posting.
  • Helping you build your social media communities, thereby extending your marketing reach, by searching for people and businesses to connect with on your behalf: i.e. ‘Liking’  and commenting on the Facebook Fan Pages of others to encourage ‘Likes’ in return… ‘Following’ others on Twitter… ‘Repinning’ on Pinterest, etc.
  • A Facebook custom app tab with a Welcome page [Value: $200]
  • Hosting for custom app tab pages (SSL hosting, as required by Facebook)
  • Special Report about Social Media for Business, and informative descriptions of the five social media websites that we will be managing for you.
  • Weekly Email Tips on using social media for business.
  • Regular updates and tracking reports.
  • Up to 3 posts per week on all accounts. (subject to our having enough approved content from you)

NOTE: The number of posts included in your monthly services are non-transferable. So, if they’re not used, or only partially used in one month, they are not ‘carried over’ into the next month.

Facebook Response Service…

Our staff will monitor your Facebook Fan Page and:

  • Thank fans for liking, commenting and sharing the page.
  • Respond to fan posts (and whenever possible, add a call-to-action to encourage the fan to call your business).
  • Only when the response requires it, our staff will call you, our client, for information in order to form a proper response.

Response Service for other accounts i.e. Twitter Google + etc. will be available soon.



The Fine Print…

All of our Social Media Services are 12 month programs that automatically renew annually.

  To cancel the service, you must send an email to accounting@mywebpeople.net no less than Sixty days before the annual renewal date. (1 year from your agreements start date.) The subject line MUST CONTAIN ([YOUR COMPANY NAME] – CANCELLATION.)  

Please Note: when cancelling, there will be certain items that require ongoing monthly fees, if you choose to continue receiving them. 

“Okay, the Social Activity Service sounds awesome!
Now, now much does it cost?”


Well, let’s take a look at pricing so you can see how
amazingly affordable we’ve made it for you!

Social media marketing, along with other on-line marketing techniques, offers the best ROI (return on investment) in marketing today. It’s inexpensive and much more effective than traditional, out-dated offline advertising methods like telephone book ads, newspaper, tv, radio, magazines, etc.

Our pricing is designed to give small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the power of social media marketing.


‘My Social Activity’ Set-up Service 

Our Set-up Service carries a one-time set-up fee (NOTE: ask your sales rep if there are any current promotions). If you have more than one business, you will love our ‘Multiple business discount’

‘My Social Activity’ Monthly Management Package

This is our ‘Basic Activity’ package) affordably priced!


[NOTE: Appropriate sales tax is added at checkout.]



Huge ROI!

Can you calculate the huge value here? Think of the lifetime value of each new customer to your business. What if your ‘My Social Activity’ subscription brings you even one new customer per month? How about three? Ten? Wow!

And, a valuable side benefit is the boost in search engine rankings that the social media activity can do for your company website. Google is putting more and more importance on social proof these days!

Another way to look at the huge value of your ‘My Social Activity’ subscription is that you will have FIVE webpages working for you on the Internet, 24/7!!  Compare that level of exposure for the cost, to one insertion of a newspaper ad! There is no comparison.

And, of course we don’t have to tell you that our fees are a tax-deductible expense for your business. 🙂


Ready To Get Social?

Social media has become a ‘must do’ in marketing today, so we need to take control NOW! Your valued customers are asking – in some cases, demanding! – for social media interaction with you and your business. The sooner we take action, the sooner your business will boom, when those customers turn into revenue!

If you think our social media set-up and management services are a fit for you and your business, let’s get started now!

Call your Media Consultant or our office 1-866-417-0035, or email us at sales@MyWebPeople.net, and one of our consultants will contact you.


 Posted on : May 4, 2014