Video Marketing

Video Marketing Is The Most Powerful form Of Digital Marketing

Video marketing is an online strategy that isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Study after study has proven that more customers are paying attention to video marketing. And not only are they paying attention to it… they love it, they’re sharing it, and they’re buying into it.

One reason some business owners may be reluctant to jump into video marketing, is because they think it’s expensive and that in the end, the expense ultimately won’t be worth it. But this is just not true. With today’s technology, web videos can be produced, published and promoted for less than you might think.

Video Marketing Can Boost Conversions And Sales

The most important reason to start including video marketing campaigns into your advertising is that it can boost your conversions and sales. Statistics show that people stay on a website twice as long, if there is a video to watch there. And, more people retain information after watching a video than they do after reading a page of text. Plus, videos have a massive potential to go viral, meaning that more people will see it. Pages of text don’t go viral. But, pictures do, and videos even more so.

Top 5 Compelling Reasons To Use Video

1. Video marketing gives great ROI
2. Videos build trust
3. Videos can explain concepts more effectively
4. Consumers prefer video to text
5. Video marketing can boost conversions and sales

Every Local Business Ought To Use Videos In Their Marketing Strategy


Is Video Marketing Right For Your Business?

Every business owner knows that in order to sell, they need to build trust with their customers. Their customers need to know that the product or service they’re selling is of high-quality, and they need to trust that they will be given great customer service before, during, and after the purchase. This is the backbone of sales, and video marketing can help build that trust.

57 percent of consumers say that videos give them more confidence to make purchases, and that confidence is really just trust in a company. And that trust is largely built because video marketing engages the audience and ignites their emotions.

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68 Percent Of Consumers Say They Would Rather Watch A Video

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Businesses invest in marketing for one reason and one reason only – to get more sales and increase their profits. And, while there are many compelling reasons for businesses to invest in video marketing, it all comes back to this one: Releasing videos simply means more profits for the business.