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Mobile-Responsive Websites

The new website we build for you will be a mobile-responsive website. That’s the only kind we build now. In today’s mobile world, where a fast-growing number of the population are searching for businesses like yours on their mobile devices, websites need to look good on those devices…. and they need to be easy to read and navigate.

Click here to see what your site looks like on mobile devices.

Mobile-responsive website designs look great on all devices.

Mobile Websites

If you’re not ready to rebuild your website, converting it to a mobile-responsive site, an alternative option is to have a separate mobile-friendly website built. Then, a special script gets installed on your main site, which will detect when a mobile device is trying to access it, and automatically redirect the visitor to the mobile-friendly version.

Mobile website design samples

Our mobile sites are responsive, too, by the way. 😉

All our designs can be customized with your own logo, colours, graphics and photos, etc.

Visit our Portfolio Page to have a look at a few websites we built for clients.

 Posted on : May 30, 2014