Rise Of A Tech Giant: The History Of Instagram

Chart the rise of the phenomenally popular app which sees 80 million photos shared every day Mobile photo and video sharing app Instagram has revolutionised the way we share photos, growing from a small startup in 2010 to a hugely popular service used by over 400 million people worldwide. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched […]

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5 Ways To Get Traffic From Instagram

There is a good reason why you probably have not seen a post about using Instagram to generate website traffic, and it’s this: generally speaking, Instagram is far more about improving brand visibility and building a community than about driving traffic to your website as a general rule of thumb. Sure, one of the side […]

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Is Instagram Direct a Threat to Snapchat? (Infographic)

With all of the other available messaging application options, is Instagram Direct really viable? Yes, according to GlobalWebIndex. GWI said in an email to Social Times that rather than viewing Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as rivals, Snapchat is actually the biggest direct threat to Instagram Direct, writing: Although Instagram Direct has been around since December 2013, it’s only arecent upgrade that has brought the […]

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Instagram Expands Its Ad Options


Instagram users have already been seeing more advertisements pop up in their feeds of artisanal cocktails, wide-eyed kittens and vacation photos, and now they can expect longer video ads in the mix too. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is adding 30-second video ads and other features in a push to give businesses more ways to tap […]

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The Fashion Blogger Who Makes $15,000 Per Instagram Post


Read it and weep: there are fashion bloggers who can charge upwards of $15,000 (£9,500) for one Instagram post. Yes, one picture featuring a product they are paid by a brand to promote. The astonishing sum has been revealed by Danielle Bernstein, the US fashion blogger behind the We Wore What personal style-diary website. The 22-year-old explained […]

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20 Instagram Apps to Create the Perfect Business Graphic

Are you using Instagram to market your business? Would you like to create branded images that boost awareness around your company? Creating the perfect graphic doesn’t mean you have to be a graphic designer or photographer, especially when you have the right tools. But with an abundance of Instagram apps at your fingertips, how do […]

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Six Tips to Grow FAST on Instagram


Instagram is my OBSESSION and my favorite social network to date by far. I love it.  It’s so simple and easy to use.  It isn’t cluttered with this feed or that feed or this ad or that ad.  It’s clean and nice on the eyes. It’s easy to follow and unfollow folks depending on your […]

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Instagram Overtakes Twitter, Hits 300 Million Users

Nine months after hitting 200 million users, Instagram now says 300 million people use its photo app every month, with 70% of them coming from outside the US. Instagram’s been going strong for four years now, and despite fears that the acquisition by Facebook would screw it up, there’s now 70 million photos shared each […]

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She’s Out Of The Picture! Dude Uses Instagram To Break Up With Girlfriend (Photo)

It’s never easy breaking up with someone, but thanks to technology, completely erasing someone from your life has never been easier. Take, for example, Instagram user (and high school student) cjkarl11, who used the #TransformationTuesday hashtag as an opportunity to crop his girlfriend out of his life. I don’t want to call this isolated case a […]

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3 Instagram Apps to Make Visual Content Stand Out


Instagram puts it simply: Capture and share the world’s moments. There are many tools out there that help you to capture great images on your smartphone and edit them ready for Instagram. This post features 3 Instagram Apps that can help you to feature those “moments” and create visual content that stands out on Instagram. […]

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