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Here’s a simple 6-step process to drive more Pinterest traffic

Try these steps. They work.

1. Create a useful post geared specifically for your target audience, and give it a killer headline.

Need help with this?

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2. Create a visually interesting badge for your post.

Exactly like I did for this post.

Your badge should include:

  • An interesting photo or background image — preferably something that ties into the subject of your post
  • The headline of the post in an interesting font, positioned prominently on the badge
  • Your domain name — usually in smaller font, at the bottom of the badge

Examples of effective badges include the one in this photography tutorial from Click It Up a Notch and this organizing series from Home Storage Solutions 101.

My favorite tools for creating shareable badges and graphics are PicMonkey (a free online image editor) and Piktochart (an inexpensive tool for creating infographics).

I realize not all of you have a top-notch design team at your disposal like Copyblogger does to create graphics like this.

That’s why I purposefully kept the badge for this post simple — and used only free tools to make it: to show you how easy it is to create a badge that will get the job done.

No excuses. 😉

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 Posted on : August 9, 2014

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